Thinking about how her big day, every bride imagine that it will be perfect. Knows she will have to fight with several unexpected accidents like guests, flowers, photographers, make up, hair styling, location where marry and where celebrate, but nothing scares her because, especially if she uses the help of a wedding planner, everything's gonna be fine.

She cannot do anything against the vagaries of the weather. Not what marks the days that separate her from the moment she finally say “Yes” to her great love, but that atmospheric.

Even marrying in spring or summer when it is less likely that dark clouds at the horizon promise rain, every bride can only hope to have chosen the right day

But hope is not enough, sometimes. And although everyone around her repeat the consolatory popular saying "wet bride, lucky bride", she does not feel so lucky at all.

She had chosen with so much love the wedding dress and now see it wet by rain, with the train no longer candide and brilliant, it makes her feel sad and unhappy in what was supposed to be an unforgettable day, but not for this reason. Hence, the brilliant idea of designer Tiziana Modena who decided to launch the first line of wedding gowns that are not afraid of the bad weather. It's named ATLAHUA, as the Aztec goddess of water and has literally astounded professionals and customers because it is indeed a real revolution in the field of wedding.

Fabrics with which are made the wedding dresses designed by Tiziana Modena  were treated with a special patented formula which ensures that not just any liquid slip away from the fabric without a trace, but also that any accidental stain can be removed with a bit of water and a sponge.

Waterproof and stain-resistant: wedding creations signed ATLAHUA are the ideal for all brides who want to feel always perfect and fabulous in every moment of their more romantic day, without fearing that her beautiful gown could be ruined in any way. And in this first collection there is only an embarrassment of riches between dozens of so much romantic and feminine models, with sculptural cuts and sinuous and refined shapes and silhouettes.

The fabrics used, as silk, mikado, duchesse, crepe and lace, are treated with a special technique that makes them waterproof and stain-resistant, without altering its natural quality.

The difference between a normal tissue and the same tissue treated by ATLAHUA doesn't feel to the touch and it's invisible and this is the great challenge won by Tiziana Modena: she has strengthened what is already precious and refined by nature, giving it new important qualities. For us, it's magic. For the designer it's the happy result of an intuition made reality by a team of chemists and researchers headed and led by her. In fact, Tiziana Modena is a very determined woman who has fashion in her dna, thanks her grandma, seamstress of special occasion dresses, and her mother,  wedding fashion designer. Now the baton is passed to her that has demonstrated entrepreneurial talent and genius.

ATLAHUA collection is divided into two lines: the "Basic", made with untreated fabrics and "Plus" offering these special models waterproofed and stain resistant. Production takes place in just 45 days and it is possible, on request, make changes to the model without additional cost.

The launch of the first collection signed by ATLAHUA has immediately attracted the attention of an international clientele, especially Asian and, in particular, Japanese, which has greatly appreciated this great news that once again shows how the Made in Italy is always ahead of everyone else because it is limitless source of genius, creativity and inventiveness. 

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